Milky White Plastic Pants 

Secret Milky White Sale!

Hi, you have either been given this web address or you have found my secret sale.
Either way this is for all my friends and customers who want to participate in the special pricing.
Steve S.

P.S. Tell all you friends about this great deal.  Try to get the secret out.
The Secret Sale is for Internet Sales Only.
No PHONE ORDERS for this sale.

If you want this pant in any other vinyl you will have to go to the Customized  Pants Page.
If you order this item in a Different Vinyl or Snap Front or in a Size Not Listed Below they will cost more.

Milky White Pull-On 

What is this pant exactly?
This is a Soft Milky White Vinyl.
Standard Pull-On Plastic Pant.

Order Milky White Pants Below


For Additional Instructions to Assist With Proper Sizing Click Here
This Sale will be around most of the Winter.

This Special is Pull-On Style only.
No Options may be added to receive the special price.
( 4ea. or 6 ea ) or more of same size only to receive special price.
If you desire any Options see the Customized Pants Page.



Regular Price

 Special 4 or More Pair   Special 6 or More Pair 

Milky White Pull-On Plastic Pants 

XS - S


$16.95 $14.99



$16.95 $14.99



$16.95 $14.99



$18.95 $16.99



$20.95 $18.99



$23.95 $20.99



$26.95 $23.95



$29.95 $26.95


 Check Factory Lead Time.   Check Pant Inventory.

Ordering Lace Makes The Pant Custom Ordered From The Factory.

Ordering colors and vinyl's that are not in stock in the very small 
and the very large sizes are custom orders.

First time customers may want to call for assistance with sizing.  
If you are buying for a person other than yourself it is strongly recommended 
you contact us for assistance in sizing,
our products may not be returned for any reason. 

If you want this pant in any other vinyl you will have to go to the Customized  Pants Page.
If you order this item in a Different Vinyl or Snap Front or in a Size Not Listed Below they will cost more.


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