Frillies Plastic Pants

Have you every wanted a really nice pair of plastic pants for those special occasions? Well now you can have some. These lace trimmed pants are just like the ones that are put on little girls to keep their pretty dresses nice and dry when they go to see auntie or go to church on Sundays. There is plenty of room inside for your diapers so you'll be able to wear these for all of those special times when you go out.

The pants shown here are an example of how they can be made and have milky white plastic on the inside and nylon tricot on the outside, with lots of rows of fancy red lace across the bottom and a cute white bow in the middle. You can order them with any of the plastic materials that Gary offers on the inside and any of the following lace colors on the outside with a matching or complimentary colored bow. The lace is available in white, red, pink, blue, peach, yellow, mint green, dark purple and black. These pants are made special just for you so you may want to check the current factory lead time.


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There is an Extra Charge for Leg and Waist Lace and Euro-Flex Material.




Frillies Pants 

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