Shipping Information

International Customers

We ship all over the world using U.S. Postal Service.
Your package will ship First Class International unless you make other more expensive arrangements prior to ordering.
We do advise you actually read out our
Terms of Service Agreement prior to placing an order.
All international shipments are at the customers risk.

Please Note:  United States Postal Regulations forbid all merchants to mark the package sent out of country as GIFTS.
We mark our packages for our customers  "Protective Medical Garments" & "NO VAT"
or "Clothing" depending on the item shipped.  
Novelty Items are marked for customers as "Clothing" they will have a VAT upon arrival in your county.

However, any CUSTOMS DUTIES, TAXES, OR TARIFFS  are the sole responsibility of the customer.
Each country is different and treats protective medical garments differently.
Many countries DO CHARGE DUTIES or TAXES on these products. 
If you have any questions you should contact your local customs agency.

If you do not select the correct shipping rate for your country in the shopping cart we will adjust your ticket automatically.
No notice will be sent, the above statement is your notice.


Domestic Customers
Alaska and Hawaii for any order containing Diapers or Mattress Covers you must choose the Priority Mail option only.
Alaska and Hawaii if you select the incorrect shipping rates we will adjust your ticket automatically.
No notice will be sent, the above statement is your notice.

We do advise you check out our
Terms of Service Agreement prior to placing an order.

We now offer insurance on the Domestic Economy Shipping Option.
This will lessen the risk to the customer, but does not eliminate all risk.
Mountain View Products / LCL Supply will show evidence of a shipment.

If the package shows delivered in the carrier's system then the package is not lost 
and Mountain View Products / LCL Supply will not replace the package nor provide any refund.
This insurance is provided for lost packages only. All Damage is still at the customer's risk.
This insurance does not cover any form of theft. Packages stolen or lost after delivery are the full responsibility of the customer.
Mountain View Products / LCL Supply does not accept any liability for packages lost or stolen after delivery.

We also offer Next Day Service. The carrier will vary depending on your choice you select in the shopping cart.
We do not guarantee the package will arrive in one day or on the day the carrier agrees to deliver. 
We will not refund any portion of the cost
of a next day air package or any other premium service 
such as Express Mail or other UPS expedited services that does not arrive 
the next day or the day it was expected or promised by the carrier.
We will provide proof of shipment that we did hand over the next day air package 
properly and in adequate time for the carrier to have preformed their next day air duty.
In some cases the next day air provided by a carrier may actually be a two or three day service. 
US Express Mail is a next day service to much of the United States, however it is a two or more day service to some locations. 
UPS also has some areas of the country that their next day air service is not actually next day air.  
If you have any questions call or e-mail us and we will see if your address is eligible for true next day air service.
If you are unable to accept these conditions please do not select any expedited delivery options.


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** Except as required by law or as needed to complete product delivery .

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