Pay-Pal Users Instruction Page
If you would like to use Pay Pal to purchase our products please carefully follow these instructions:



 I Need to Send More Money By PayPal Because
              I Selected The Wrong Shipping              
Or I Want to Add an Item to an Existing Order.

Feel Free to call us or E-Mail Us if you need any assistance

If you have made an error and did not send the correct amount to money for your correct shipping charge
or if you simply decided to add another item to add to the order.
This is the way for you to make payment through PayPal to correct the balance.
Just type a brief reason for the additional payment and we will contact you by e-mail within a business day.

Go to your pay pal account, log in,  and select the " Send Money " tab.

Put this e-mail address in the "To:" section of the pay pal screen.


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** Except as required by law or as needed to complete product delivery .

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