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Pants starting at $18.95 depending on sizing and added options.

Custom Plastic Pants


Juvenile Print 

Style:       + No Extra Charge
Material:  + No Extra Charge
Cut:          + No Extra Charge
Lace:        + No Extra Charge
Elastic:     + No Extra Charge
Legs:        + No Extra Charge
Waist:       + No Extra Charge
Comfort Style: + No Extra Charge

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Customized plastic pants, make your ideal plastic pant here. Choose from multiple options and materials to create your fantasy panplastic pant.

Some customizable features are incompatible with other features, the order screen should only show the compatible features as selections are made.

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Item Features:

  • A choice between Pull-On and Snap Front
  • Around a dozen different materials to choose from
  • Choose your own cut
  • Tons of lace options in around a dozen colors
  • Change elastic to fit your style
  • Waist and leg sizing options availible
  • A comfort style for enclosed elastic