Wide Elastics

For a Minimal Charge.

Many of our styles of plastic pants can now be ordered with wider elastics. Some of our customers have requested these to lessen the skin pressure at the waist and legs. The pants are normally made using 3/4" elastic (folded over the edge of the plastic it becomes 3/8" on each side). The wider elastic is 1" wide (folded over to 1/2" on each side) which results in a bit wider contact with the skin and consequently, reduced skin pressure. The 1" elastic is the widest that the factory has available. We are now providing these with a minimal charge. Please just select from the drop box on the shopping cart elastic options what you desire and we will have the factory make them for you. Check the Factory Lead-time page because these are a special order item.  Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

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