Vinyl Materials List

Notes - The waterproof Euroflex and PUL materials are not vinyl.

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Materials List
This is the information that Gary Manufacturing advertises for it's materials.
Name Gauge Width Hand Description
Euroflex 0.004 60” Very Soft Clear, smooth; double tensile; slight two-way stretch urethane
PUL &  Active Briefs
Polyurethane Laminate**
    Very Soft Waterproof - white only - breathable lightweight durable material, two way stretch, very strong, machine washable, very quiet, maximum comfort, reduces chafing, longer life. Not a Vinyl Product.
Mountain View Products Note 
About Polyurethane Laminate**
Note** The above description was compiled from Gary Manufacturing Literature. Not originally on this chart.
Milky White 0.004 72” Very Soft White tint; noiseless
Milky White 0.007 72” Very Soft White tint; noiseless
Pastel  Lemon
( aka Lemon Yellow )
0.004 72” Very Soft Yellow pastel tint
Pastel Pink 0.004 72” Very Soft Pastel Pink tint
Pastel Blue 0.004 72” Very Soft Pastel Blue tinted vinyl
Sapphire 0.007 72” Very Soft Deep Blue tint
Softwear 0.004 72” Ultra Soft Milky Clear translucent; smooth and ultra soft, very strong; noiseless
White Extreme
aka White Prime
0.007 72" Soft Opaque White very durable
Print Aussie Bears 0.004 72" Soft Aussie Bears on a light yellow translucent background
Print Honey Bears 0.004 72" Very Soft Bears with honey pots on pastel plaid translucent background
Print Sleepy Bears 0.004 72" Very Soft Bears on crescent moons on yellow translucent background
Print Pink Carousel 0.004 72” Very Soft Small animals, balloons and flowers; pink translucent background
Print Blue Carousel 0.004 72”  Soft Small animals, pink & blue polka dots; pink translucent background

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